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Educative routes through Barcelona


The educational routes we offer here are designed for high school students. We adapt our tours according to the age and educational level of the group.


Discover with us the history of Barcelona…

These excursions and guided tours are a good opportunity to discover and learn about the events and places that made the history of Barcelona in a pedagogical, playful and interactive way.  

At Itineraplus, we believe that education in History, Art and Culture is fundamental for the formation of future generations. As guides and trainers, we aim to guide and raise awareness from an early age to help conserve our architectural and artistic heritage, as well as our natural environment. 


Bring learning to life !


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High school

Historia del deporte en Barcelona, Montjuïc, Estadio Olímpico, Palau Sant Jordi, anillo Olímpico, la Vila Olímpica, Juegos Olímpicos 1992, Football Club Barcelona, El Barça

History of sports in Barcelona 

Discover the links between Barcelona and sport, from the origins of the city to the present day.
La Barcelona del 1714 Guerra de Sucesión

Barcelona in 1714

Historical and literary itinerary through which we will discover Barcelona as it was at the beginning of the 18th century.
Patrimonio y revolución industrial Barcelona fábricas

The Industrial Revolution in Barcelona

Discover the history of the industrial revolution in the city of Barcelona since the middle of the 18th century. History
Barcelona Guerra Civil bombardeos

The Civil War in Barcelona

Retrospective focused on the Spanish Civil War. Portrait of an era and the impact it left on the city of


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