Myths and legends of Barcelona


What is hidden behind the placid image of Barcelona? What mysteries surround the city? The route “Myths and Legends of Barcelona” will introduce us to some of the most surprising enigmas of the past: alchemy and bloody stories, Christian and profane legends, witches and lost souls…


Discover the Magic Barcelona: Witchcraft, legends and mysteries…

We will know the secrets of the most emblematic places of Barcelona. Streets, neighborhoods and buildings that we think we know but of which we ignore its most hidden and mysterious side. Walk through the dark alleys of Ciutat Vella while we listen to exciting stories that have been silenced for centuries.

We will talk about life in Medieval Barcelona, public executions, the sordid labyrinths of society… And stroll through narrow streets and we will be surprised to discover other faces of our city.

Mitos y Leyendas de Barcelona, Noche en Cuitat Vella, Barcelona medieval

Do you dare to discover the mystical with the historical in Barcelona?

During 2 hours, approximately, we will walk through the historical center of Barcelona, where the mystical and the historical, the magic and the tradition are mixed, and we will try to narrate it in a symbolic and historical content.

The route is a way to understand popular ideas and myths with everyday life. We will tell stories about the past, talking about events, lived, where enigmatic stories await us. Most of them are not very credible today, but they continue to excite us with the most mysterious Barcelona.


LANGUAGE                                                       Catalán, Spanish, English and French.






Plaça del Rey, quartier gothique de Barcelone, musée d'histoire