School Tours and Visits in Barcelona

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We organise school tours and visits around Barcelona to support teachers, as we are interested in transmitting the history and culture of Barcelona in an educational, fun and interactive way.

We are distinguished by the fact that we work with school groups from primary, secondary, baccalaureate, vocational training, universities, CFPAs (adult education centres) and cultural centres, adapting our courses to the students’ academic level.

At Itineraplus, we believe that teaching history, art and culture is fundamental to the education of future generations. As guides and trainers, we aim to guide and raise awareness from a very early age about the conservation of our architectural and artistic heritage, as well as our natural environment.


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Circuits Barcelona

School tours and visits

Plaza del Rey - Santa Agata chapel in Barcelona -gothic architecture

Tours and visits in English

Guided tours in English to improve your level by participating in educational tours and activities around Barcelona.



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