The Catalan Manchester 22@: El Poblenou


“The Catalan Manchester 22@: El Poblenou” is a route through the neuralgic center of the neighborhood. You will be able to know its origins and most emblematic spaces, where the Rambla del Poblenou is undoubtedly the main artery. We will visit some factories restored and converted to new uses.


The Industrial Revolution of Poblenou & 22@

Can Saladrigas Barcelona Poblenou Manchester Catalan 22@

El Poblenou is probably the neighborhood of Barcelona that has undergone the most profound transformation in the late nineteenth century and throughout the twentieth century.

Originally it was a marshy area of farmhouses and fields, but throughout the 19th century it became the most important industrial center of Barcelona, not only in Catalonia, but in the whole of Spain.

At the end of the 80’s most of the industries left the area and the factories were abandoned. It was not until the 21st century that the 22@ urban development plan began to be implemented, with the aim of converting the area into a new economic center related to information technology and culture.

With the 1992 Olympic Games, a long and profound transformation of the neighborhood began, with the construction of the Olympic Village and the beginning of initiatives such as the 22@ and the 2004 Forum.


Discover Barcelona’s industrial heritage

The itinerary will allow us to see some of the factories that have survived the great transformation that this area has undergone, which coexist with the most innovative architectural works, where the Agbar Tower undoubtedly becomes the new icon of the area.

In this way we will discover the key aspects that have determined the history of a key neighborhood to approach the past, present and future of an industrial city like Barcelona.

Poblenou is in constant change where the past, present and future reflect the essence of the neighborhood.


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black and white photo of Poblenou from the industrial area.Poblenou factories, industrial heritage of Barcelona