Scholar routes and visits through Barcelona,

where you will learn English!


In our tours and visits in English in Barcelona we offer visits and cultural routes adapted according to the level of the participants, so that they are linked with the language and history of Barcelona.

Our tours are designed for groups who want to improve their English level, participating in pedagogical activities of cultural and historical enrichment. Our goal is to create a link between the tour guide with his experience in both language and history and those who want to learn about the city, its culture, history and architecture.

In addition to having a learning and cultural interest, they aim to develop language comprehension in a real life situation, through an interactive experience with the tour guide, through conversations that serve to improve your English speaking skills.

Our goal is that you can have conversations, learn and enjoy while we tell you the history of Barcelona and interact with the other participants of the tour in English.

These tours, interacted by our English speaking guides, are an educational fusion between learning English and the history of Barcelona.


Bring learning to life!


Scholar tours and visits

Learn English in Barcelona

Barcino, Barcelone romaine et médiévale : les murs,Peinture ancienne des murs de la Barcelone romaine et médiévale

Roman and Medieval Barcelona

Retrospective focused on these key periods in the history of Barcelona.
Barcelone et la mer, Barceloneta, Port Vell, Palau del Mar, la Basilique de Santa Maria del Mar, coucher de soleil le long de la plage de Barcelone

Barcelona and the Sea Route

Barcelona is a city open to the sea. The route will allow you to discover the links between the city
La Pedrera, Casa Milà, Gaudí, Modernisme, le Barcelone Modernisme, situé Passeig de Gràcia

Modernist Route and Gaudí

Visit the most emblematic works of Catalan modernism by the architect Gaudí.
The painter Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), an emblematic figure in Barcelona, where the Pablo Picasso Museum is located.

Picasso's Barcelona

A journey that follows in the footsteps of the young Picasso who lived in Barcelona from 13 to 21 years.


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Plaza del Rey - chapelle de Santa Agata à Barcelone - architecture gothique